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Rosette blog story 6 : A Melody of Sprite Read : 2004

We are all studying together at Rosette School, but a figure to follow a class is various. If is seeing all, take before desks, and oneself characteristics appear through figures to get from a class hang can know.

In case of Ameria , if there is not alongside 'FRANSOA' in class time, she is getting nervous and anxious.

('FRANSOA is a teddy bear of Ameria. )In fact, we are prohibited a case bringing a doll to a classroom, but this story will call later.). We are surprised in mathematical time, and she transforms positively herself even if she acts so like children. Usually the Ameria which seemed to be the lastborn younger sister seems to be too great that she often shows a figure to solve the mathematical problem that a blackboard is to the full difficult before the class begins.

Carmelia rests its cheek on hand, and make a vacant face, and satisfactory smile, and she is often being lost in wild fancies. Sometimes there is time she shout, and to gets up from in seats. Silence probably comes to mind on inspiration regarding the new invention.

You let the Fir which is the honors life all admitting throws a sharp question a class in time, and you feel tense. Sometimes is heated to discuss in fluent French with Professor of French.

But there seems to have been tragic blade which these two works was made infrequently from at the same time.  Please try to imagine that Carmelia she shouts, and to have got up from to be between two people holding argue hotly.

As students of Rosette are excellent ladies, so they do not impolite laugh seriously loudly during those two people discussion intensely. But the facial expression that so strange has become all as a case keeping a serious facial expression was hard more.

We were funny, and all of us were difficult. If I completely recited old poem of a Section 32, and I stepped forward, I were calm, and I fell off.

The Margurite who is most an elegant lady at Rosette is a figure not being always smothered. Not only she has a listen to what one’s teacher says, and she always makes faithfully an assignment also. She never make tardy, and there is the time that sometimes seem to be busier than teachers Margurite as she takes conscientiously care other friends. Fir is a friend all yearning for. An explanation of Armeria is hard to easily understand, but Margurite always has cooperation with a little.

When it gets absorbed to a class, it is revealed that Violet is characteristic. Of course, there is my special ability course, and we will look than any other course more in special ability course (specialized subjects) time. Likewise, Armelia seems to be other person in mathematical time. But the figure that Armeria solves a mathematical problem is not different with time to eat sweets as if to like particularly.

Even if Violet learns from anything, she always endeavors. Also, concentration is the young lady who is great at all that understanding shall work, and she was completely sufficient. If she starts for concentrating to what, she is quiet of usual times, and gentleness character cannot look.. She concentrates in the issue only till an issue is solved. It is sorry to talk to her at that time.

I thought Violet is really great when we had a Music class, because I watched that she did not put music at hands for falling asleep. There is a large difference between usual Violet and Violet to get absorbed.

However, the figure that Violet plays is so beautiful. Figure that she played seemed to be a girl having a dream in the first art festivals; it seemed to be a fairy of the flower which danced in the forest.

It is the fact that it was known later, but the music which she always carries that the Vice President’s composition which is the ‘A dream of Lily’. The music is the music that led Violet to us and to Rosette.

Violet came at the Edenver which was home of a Vice President.

Violet decided to come to Rosette School because of the opera of 'A dream of Lily' determined there for in this way studying really with the persons who have made beautiful sound, Lily White seems to be a fairy of a flower to have met just with not being Vice President to Violet. We all pursued a fairy of my flower, and we gathered so to Rosette.

We are trying sometime hard while waiting for our dream to bloom widely like flowers.

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