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- Silicone Eyeballs -

Even if a height of a dome is high as made to silicon with elasticity, adherence becomes in an eye of a doll well.

Eyes of a doll obey well.

Soom Single Dome Eyes not broken even if they fail or drop.

Choose the size from ‘Size Option’

The eyeballs of SOOM are made of 100% of silicone. The silicone eyeballs has a well adhesive feature and it is also easy to adjust the angles of the pupils with the silicon eyeballs.

Especially, compared to the existing silicon eyeballs, the ones of SOOM are smooth on the surface and the glossiness is superior. So, when the silicon eyeballs are used for dolls, the depth of facial expression is doubled. Firstof all, the best quality of the eyeballs is guaranteed since the silicon eyeballs of 'SOOM' are carefully selected through the strict quality control.

1. Single Dome :

It is eyeball type a sleek and clean line made with a height of a suitable dome becoming attractive.

Even if it is close in case of wear to dolls in any directions, it is an eyeball type mouth of a three-dimensional design to decrease by the feeling that seemed to look at an owner.

Option :

12mm $25

14mm $26

16mm $27

18mm $28

2. Double Dome :

Double dome type that another dome is put on the surface of the eye lens

Double Dome eyes dealt with curvature for 2 on the crystalline lens face, and they were designed so as to gather mysteriously light in pupil circumference.

Double dome eyes lets you are more three-dimensional to structure to lighten more surrounding a pupil, and it looks by dome located to the top.

Option :

16mm $27

18mm $28

20mm $29

*The image could look slightly different from the actual product.

Wipe with wet tissue or with cotton swab which is wet in clean water, when the silicone eyeball is stained with plasticine or dust. Safely keep it in a case if the silicone eyeball is not used.

< Note >

* The image could look slightly different from the actual product.

* The silicone eye is gradually yellowed if it is exposed to the sun.

* Adhering silicone eye balls, please use white color plasticine preferably. There’s the possibility of some stain by colored plasticine.

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