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A Message from EL. Yunque
2016 SG Male New Body VS. 2012 SG Male Body (1)
[MD/Nov] Aslan - The Wizard of OZ - No Make-up Head
[ISHA - The Song of the Earth] - No face-up head picture + Fantasy type body picture
[Captain Hook - The Ticking Crocodile] - Crocodile Legs Pictures
[Captain Hook - The Ticking Crocodile] - No face-up head pictures
[Puss in Boots] No Make-up Head
[Garnet - No.0320] Cyborg type body pictuers
2012 Super Gem New Male Body
2012 Super Gem New Female Body
[Carbon] Carbon No-Make up Head
[Carbon] Carbon-Taco Skin type comparison picture
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