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黑彲 : 흑리
玄 : HYUN
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黑彲 : 흑리
玄 - Eyes
Idealian X 도깨비주단
黑彲 : 흑리
(LE Qty. 3set)
Idealian X 도깨비주단
神龍 - 花人
(LE Qty. 3set)
dragon(19-01-30 07:18)
If this were a girl...!
Great looking fellow, this!!

Now, if it were a girl instead of a guy, I'd buy her in a heartbeat! Soom sometimes makes really kick-ass girls ... just, unfortunately, not very often. This look, though — wide shoulders, high contrast face up, bandana, all-black outfit with scale armour details, the works — would look really fantastic on a girl!

A boy ... I'm afraid I'll never buy.

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