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Zard - White Dragon Cub
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* Pre-order Period : From April 7th ~ April 19th 2015 (Korea standard time)

*The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Parts blushing may vary the color and brush touch.
* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the Parts blushing.
Removing the seam is not included to Body blushing option. 

* You can choose only one color of Horn option. (Red or Navy)

* Designed and made by SOOM

Brighteyes(15-04-17 23:29 /
They are adorable!! *____*
Thank you Soom for having created this cutie!! you are working ver very hard and I support you, I can appreciate your efforts, and you did a great job!! *____*, I have ordered mines, I can not wait to get them!! <3<3<3
Tangles11(15-04-09 22:12 /
On the bright side...
Look on the bright side, for me it's a good thing because my wallet needs a break.  I am sure Soom will release something spectacular soon.  I just received my Soom Idealian Hyperon, and I am very impressed with the quality and the work Soom had put into making that doll.  I love it so much! Thanks Soom!  I do however miss Soom's older releases such as Heliot and IO...back then I couldn't afford bjds.
poorme(15-04-09 01:45 /
Smcneely's whining
Dear Smcneely, why did you write it?

I'm sure no one is interested in reading your whining about me, my posts and my whining. My ID is kinda ironic, btw.

2 Rainbowdash: I'm heartily glad you like the dragon, and the release makes you happy. It means that this release isn't useless and a fail, as we thought. Congratulations on your purchase, I hope it will be produced and delivered fast and safe!

Dear Soom, if it's true that you're fullfilling the wishes in the survey, could you please do a big decent release as the next step? Please? You'll make a big lot of people happy if you release a beautiful, creative and solid SD doll next, or re-release one of the "true Soom" dolls (e.g. Vesuvia or Topaz)
Layn(15-04-09 00:39 /
it doesn't even occur to them
That maybe someone asked Soom for an Aileendoll esque dragon on the survey, and so they made exactly what that person asked for. Just because it isn't what they want, they are getting angry.
smcneely(15-04-09 00:00 /
Poorme's whining ID fits your personality.....stop whining...nobody wants to here it....:P
rainbowdash(15-04-08 04:11 /
Ordered mine. You tugged on my heart strings with this one, Soom! Now to sit back and wait.
poorme(15-04-08 01:57 /
Why my post was removed?

Are you ashamed Soom? For this release? Do you agree it's not your original idea and release?

I am publicly asking you to make wonderful dolls again, and you delete my post. Why?