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Modigli Bisque
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justme(11-08-15 10:13)
I love her! Modify Delete 
She's fabulous! Unfortunately I missed out on her sale, very sad, but
I really hope you'll release her again or more Bisque dolls!!
Shane(11-06-01 23:02)
My wish... Modify Delete 
... is fulfilled... 
Soom is making Bisque dolls!!!
My head is spinning at the possibilities.  I love
the soft and natural face painting you have used with
Modigli.  Being able to customize and change it later is really cool, but I LOVE her the way she is. 
Do I see other sizes/dolls lined up in that tray ;)
karleecakes(11-06-01 08:05)
So Cute! Modify Delete 
I love that you are making Bisque dolls and hope for more in the future. Modigli is so cute.
Lucidity(11-05-31 10:21)
She is Adorable! Modify Delete 
I am thrilled to see a bisque doll from you SOOM! 
Hope to see all of the sculpts to become available in it one
day as well:)
Just a lovely doll!