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[SO] R.Shoshon - Soul Kipper
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   · Face-up & Body Blushing :
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*  Pre-order Period : From May 28th ~ Jun 14th 2015 (Korea standard time)

*The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Parts blushing may vary the color and brush touch.

* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘Parts blushing’.

* ‘Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body blushing’ option.

* Due to its special making process, Grey Skin resin color may be subject to marbling effect and light speckles on the doll skin.    Please note that this is NOT considered as a defective item.

* Designed and made by SOOM

[SO] R.Shoshon - Soul Kipper

jinnit46128(18-04-12 11:12)
求開日燒 Modify Delete 
lucif666(15-12-05 14:14)
普肌求开!!!Normal skin!!!!!! Modify Delete 
普肌求开!!!Normal skin!!!!!!
wan_wan(15-06-13 22:16)
tan skin or tawny skin !!!
tan  skin or tawny skin !!
tan  skin or tawny skin !!
tan  skin or tawny skin !!
qing(15-06-02 11:42)
Tan skin Modify Delete 
Tan skin!Tan skin!Tan skin!
yukiya(15-06-01 11:37)
papa0909(15-05-31 23:31)
求开日烧鸡和普肌! Modify Delete 
tan skin & normal skin plz
akail(15-05-30 23:05)
普肌真的不来一发吗 Modify Delete 
normal skin啊!normal skin!!!
lysy01(15-05-30 22:25)
求开普肌Normal skin!!! Modify Delete 
求开普肌Normal skin!!!
ressem(15-05-30 20:00)
啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊求开普肌 Modify Delete 
NORMAL SKIN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yukira(15-05-30 06:17)
tan skin!!!!烧肌也要!!!!! Modify Delete 
来一发啊SOOM!!!!!tan skin!!!!!!!!
yukira(15-05-30 06:10)
普肌求开!!!Normal skin!!!!!! Modify Delete 
普肌求开!!!Normal skin!!!!!!
ria(15-05-30 01:27)
tan skin!!!!!normal skin!!!!!… Modify Delete 
pinko(15-05-29 12:20)
tawny or normal skin please!!! Modify Delete 
please add tawny or normal skin then i will give you my wallet!!
yakillua(15-05-29 11:17)
求开普肌Normal skin!!!
求开普肌Normal skin!!!
yukiya(15-05-28 21:41)
求开日烧鸡Tan skin和普肌Normal skin!!!