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1.     Including : Eyeglasses, black-cotton flannel, hard case
2. Size :
width – 6cm ,Height – 1.5cm , leg length – 6cm

3. Possibility size: Super Gem, Mecha Angel, Idealian

              (Super Gem is bare of fat on his face, the glasses looks little big.


4. Feature


- Horn Spectacles: We were made them same as human use and a nose pendant preventing to hang which spectacles have been streamed down as made equally and earring formats to be able to fold, and you fold, and you can keep.

Especially, it has two color lens; transparent lens and brown lens. (Brown Lens can be uses instead of Sun-glasses.)


- Fabric for the glasses: There is SOOM LOGO on a luxury black cotton flannel, it is suitable for classes care.


- Glasses case: Black hard case with SOOM LOGO was carved, it is safely keep and move.

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