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* Size : Fair and Gem Girl(58cm)
* Material : leather
* Compatible with : Fair,Gem,sd,delf..
* Inner foot length : 7.5cm
* Inner foot width : 2.7cm
* Heel :    cm

* Some styles may have been customized for the photo shoot.
* Actual color may vary.

* Fair and Gem Girl Shoes Guide
  >> What fits Fair and Gem Girl shoes?
1     Fair and Gem Girl     Fit nicely and perfectly
2     SD9 and Delf Girl     Fit nicely
  Tip. If it wears socks or stockings, it is wear possibility in case of boy flatform boots.

  Tip:You can let you put on to Gem flat footed parts in case of Super gem girl heel boots.

  Tip: It fit moderately on super gem girl shoes in case of socks or stockings wear.

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