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  Rosette blog story 5 : Rose of Rosette
  Writer : [Rosette]     Date : 09-07-03 17:31     HIT : 3889    

It is time Rosette School being proud of a most beautiful until June in May.

The Rose House is too beautiful because of many different kinds of roses are in full bloom gorgeously.  So there are a lot of the people who turn purposely around a street in order to watch this beautiful Rose House.

The sweet and small strawberry is growing under a rose fence.

All of the Rosette School students love to tell the story of roses which are their own favorite.

At this time every year, you can often see the girls who dwell on a romantic imagination about the roses that one-self likes during take a walk in Rose House in breathing time.

My most favorite rose is the Sweet Brier which is in full bloom in front of the Rose House entrance.  It is not dazzle with brilliance but the lovely pink color and sweet smelling makes me draw a happy life of my future. It is the rose which seems to be the younger sister that meeting me is pretty to an always glad face.


President of Rosette School student Fir is very clever, and has plenty of common sense.

Her special ability attainments is horse riding and have a profound knowledge of roses.

If someone asks me who the lady the most matching is with the rose among the persons whom I know, I will answer that it is Fir.

Fir was similar to the 'Margaret Merry' which she bred.

‘Margaret Merry’ has the splendor white leaves like a bird expanded its wings, and it is a splendid flower a lot of British loving. It just likes image of Fir.

Fir loves to ride a horse and she always puts up the ‘Margaret Merry’ which is the first bloomed on her chest in every year. It presents a fine spectacle.

Horse ‘Edward’ of Fir is beautiful and gorgeous horse which is having the shinning chocolate color hair and black mane. Fir always strokes Edward’s neck by the eyes that affectionate in plenty.

A figure of the Fir which she rise to the back of Edward, and riding a horse with serious facial expressions seems to be a white rose in full bloom.

If it is spring, a lot of friends expect that Fir shows up ride a horse with her roses. It is our small secret festival. This year our small secret festival was never performed yet till spring passed all.

Fir pass away time with Edward recently, but the figure of riding a horse at Rosette School does not look at all.

Fir has been to somewhere with Edward every weekends, but she usually makes a slight walk only at campus.

We want to see a figure that Fir and Edward run with activity before a season of a rose is over.

Alice   09-07-03 23:12
I also hope that Fir and Edward ride about, showing off their marvelous abilities, before the rose season is over!
I also hope that Fir and Edward ride about, showing off their marvelous abilities, before the rose season is over!