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  Rosette blog story 3 : Story of Camelia
  Writer : [Rosette]     Date : 09-04-28 17:19     HIT : 3417    

Carmelia is little unique.

Of course, I love all friends of Rossete, and I know thing all that they had a natural aptitude of the lady that a nice and smashing beauty.

And I always think that Carmelia will be a lady that most special among us.

The Carmelia which is scientific talent is devoting all the time itself in invention.

Sometimes she takes before desks, and she rests her cheek on hand, and she has silently long a lot of things disconnected in a thought.

And also, at times she is blind to the whole situation that the class bell ringing and when we are talking to her.

Her inventions are very characteristic and unique.

And they are not helpful; they are more a lot of periodic cases to give laughter when we saw.

The unique inventions of her might be inspired from the books what she reads.

Carmelia loves to read the books as good as invent something new.

Maybe, she most likes the mystery story. I saw that she was reading the book of Arthur Conan Doyle, and William Wilkie Collins several times.

Hmm.... I think the fiction of Mystery is not good or not match for the ladies without knowing why the Mystery and Adventure things are join in her.

Sometime later, we all the friends of Rosette can go to journey take advantage of her real inventions. It is the remote future yet, I think Carmelia can make it for us!

Carmelia will have the exhibition of her inventions soon.

The main thing is the fan which is the automatically turn on if the people just approach to it.

It looks little complicated and I may will take about 5 hours to establish.

It can’t move after established, so that there is a rattling wind in the LAB throughout the April.

Because the fan works successfully, she never stops the examination

We are wearing the coat when we have the LAB class.

She always tells us it is not completed, I need to fix something and it will get better, just wait for the perfect one. We are always expecting her things because many of her inventions are the pretty good. We love her inventions.


We need to prepare the glove and coat for that exhibition. It will be very cold because of Camelia’s magic fan.

Alice   09-05-01 21:54
Camelia's fan sounds marvelous!
Camelia's fan sounds marvelous!
Lana   09-08-11 09:51
I love Camelia, she is so pretty and obviously very smart!
I love Camelia, she is so pretty and obviously very smart!
  09-10-10 02:40
I am so happy that Orchid has a fan too !!! :) .
I am so happy that Orchid has a fan too !!! :) .