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Rosette blog story 1 : Valentine’s Day Read : 7215

Marguerite is the most elegance and dignified girl of the Rosette School.

She loves to take care of other students and loves to help others, she well draw, and she is good cook. Armeria who is the youngest in school, she loves Marguerite’s handmade Scones.
(We called ROSE SCONE because it taste and smell like a ROSE).

Therefore, Marguerite makes some scone frequently for Armeria after school.

She has a wide and kind mind that much.

On top of that, all the friends in school love her handmade food and also they love to eat.

Marguerite is making something,

Today's baking will be things for Valentine's Day to probably approach whether feeling to have been in glass bottle is with chocolete.

It seems like that the special chocolete for her handsome boyfriend. She just got a boyfriend few days ago, but it is secret. No one knows about it except me.

I didn’t meet him yet, but I can imagine that he is perfect man. He is just lucky guy, because Marguerite who is the QUEEN of our school loves him.

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